Showcase is out today!

Let’s celebrate together the reggae month with a new album and new vinyl!!!

Here comes ‘Showcase’, a musical meeting betweenn Brothermartino (Sax, Flute), Mirko Cisilino (Trumpet, Trombone) and Herbie D. Faders & Michael Bass (dub, machines, and everything else)!
Available on vinyl from our Bandcamp and in all the best record stores (check the links below, constantly updating), and in digital format in all digital shops and streaming services.

Check out the dub video of “Bologna After Dark”





Jah Waggys (UK)
Blackamix (UK)


Here are some words from the great Pier Tosi to introduce the album:

Bassplate Records present to you this new album ‘Showcase’, a record focused on the dialogue between jazz inspired instrumental voices and dub. 
Brothermartino (sax and flute) e Mirko Cisilino (trumpet and trombone) are among the most appreciated and creative multi instrumentists of the local scene: for their interpretations Herbie D. Faders and Michael Bass entrusted them with some of their most intense riddims and the outcome is a passionate recall to the genuine instrumental tradition of reggae spiced with their original touch. 
Michael and Herbie then deconstruct the four instrumental cuts bringing to life as many dubs that push on Bassplate Records research in that field. 
The roots of this go back to the crucial foundation for reggae laid by the Kingston jazz scene, particularly to the horns students of the legendary Alpha Boys School. The influences brought by incredible virtuosos as Roland Alphonso, Tommy McCook or Don Drummond perfectly expressed the african roots of jamaican music: many jamaican musicians coming from jazz were deeply fascinated by the spiritual research of legends like John Coltrane or Sonny Rollins and their connections with the motherland. All of this manifested during the seventies in a great number of horns enriched roots tunes, a lot of times mixed by King Tubby (himself a jazz fanatic!) in his little studio on Drumilly Avenue.
One more time Bassplate Records dig deep in history to create very topical ‘sound system music’!